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The essence of a spectacular life is living with a genuine and humble heart.
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We know the dating scene can be overwhelming at times, but don't be discouraged, we have your back!
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Humble Couple

Robert & Cassidy - March 2019

Falling for a girl I met online? Never in a million years did I think that would ever be my story. Kind of always imagined I would meet the girl of my dreams the "Dude Way", you know maybe at Comic-Con, a sports bar, or at a football game dressed in my favorite jersey! Yeah right! No matter which way it happened, I just feel so lucky to have found Cassidy. She is one of a kind, funny and full of life. She keeps me grounded and makes me happy. For the first time, in a really long time, I am looking forward to what the future holds. Thanks for the connection!

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Dating 101 - Relax, it's supposed to be fun!

First dates can seem intimidating and awkward.
Keep these tips in mind, and you will be fine.

Do something that you'd enjoy

If there's a movie that you've been dying to see or a new restaurant that you're curious to try, a date is a great excuse to get yourself there. If you do something you wanted to do anyway, then you can't lose. And it will make you a better date because you're having fun.

Engage your body, as well as your mind

If the thought of coming up with several hours of conversation with someone gives you hives, suggest a sporty activity like bowling or playing pool. If you're being active you won't feel the pressure to keep up a nonstop conversation.

Leave your troubles behind

A first or second date is not the time to discuss your cheating ex-boyfriend, your zany mother, or your psychotic boss. You don't have to whitewash your life, but you can be honest and true without plunging into the darkest depths of your soul.

Ask the questions they’ll love to answer

Never put your date on the spot about anything - keep it casual and fun. The point is to make them feel comfortable, not put to a test.

Give yourself good-date karma

No matter how dismal a date is, always be polite and always stick it out until the end. You never know – he/she might have hot friends!

Go with the flow

Many mishaps happen on dates, but you'll make a far better impression if you simply roll with the punches.

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